Phyllotaxis Generator

Phyllotaxis Generator

This is a contribution to a Codingtrain challenge by Daniel Shiffman. You can interactively make your own phyllotaxis.

Fourier Sound Synthesis

Fourier Image

Implementation of the fourier synthesis in the Browser with p5.js to interact with a simple fourier synthesizer.

Golden Ratio Flower

Golden Flower

A little interactive exploration of drawing a flower with different rational and irrational numbers in the browser with the p5.js library (inspired by a numberphile video). Numberphile video: I highly suggest watching the video as it will give a good explanation of the mathematical background of the behaviour of this flower construct.

Complex squares/Mandelbrot exploration

Mandelbrot Squares

Mandelbrot exploration (Drag around the red dot to see how the complex number behaves and if it stays in the mandelbrot set)

Numberline squares/Mandelbrot exploration

Numberline Squares

See how numbers on the real numberline behave if you square them over and over again.